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Corporate Profile interviews Alan Stone from Alan Stone & Company

Corporate Profile interviews Alan Stone from Alan Stone & Company

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  1. About Alan Stone

    During the past decade, Alan Stone & Company, LLC, has become one of the top ranked investment relation firms serving emerging companies. During his career, he has been involved in a wide variety of investor relations, investment banking, corporate finance, and merger and acquisition activities and has arranged numerous $2-$15 million financing and merger transactions for NASDAQ, AMEX and OTC BB listed companies. Mr. Stone was Director of the Los Angeles AMEX Corporate Focus and Security Analyst Forum, a private group of investment brokers, money managers, investment bankers and analysts. Alan was an analyst and assistant portfolio manager of Merrill Lynch Asset Management’s $250 million high yield “corporate bond” fund. As one of the largest buyers of corporate stocks and bonds on Wall Street, Alan worked closely with the investment community’s leading underwriters. Subsequently, he joined Merrill Lynch’s brokerage subsidiary, engaging in brokerage and money management activities for wealthy individuals, corporations, pension funds and institutional investors. He was also associated with Thomson McKinnon Securities and Ladenburg, Thalmann in New York City, both well-established NYSE member firms. Alan holds a BS degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and an MBA in Finance and Investments from New York University’s Graduate School of Business and has completed advanced studies at the London School of Economics and UCLA. Mr. Stone is active in various community affairs in Westwood and Beverly Hills, California.

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