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Backstage Pass to The Rolling Stones Exhibit w/ Curator Ileen Gallagher

After 54 years and more than 20 studio albums, Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones is finally giving fans the satisfaction they could never get, with a 17,000 square foot interactive exhibit packed with over 500 pieces of personal memorabilia, 190 original artworks, and 9 thematic galleries that are purely rock n’ roll. Host Annamaria Stewart speaks with Exhibitionism curator Ileen Gallagher about collaborating with the band members, The Stones’ iconic fashion, and recreating their Edith Grove flat.

This episode is currently airing on ClearVISION, an innovative in-airport TV network which features the best entertainment, news, music, and sports programming for travelers.

This series is part of the Huffington Post Outspeak Network.

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