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Make New York Style Pizza at Home | Pizza a Casa Pizza School

In the late 1800’s Italians immigrated to the United States via New York’s own Ellis Island, bringing with them a recipe for something called Pizza. In 1905 America’s first pizzeria was opened on Spring Street in Little Italy. With so much history it’s no surprise that New York City still churns out some of the most authentic pizza pies in North America. So if you want the country’s best pizza, you come to New York and if you want to learn how to make it, you come to Pizza a Casa pizza school on the Lower East Side. Host Annamaria Stewart (@AnnamariaChen) sits down with owner Mark Bello to learn about the history of Pizza a Casa and partakes in their pizza self-sufficiency class, tackling a classic Neapolitan pizza while Mark demonstrates how to make the perfect New York style pie, giving viewers a preview of how to make restaurant quality pizza in their home kitchen.

Pizza a Casa Pizza School –

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  1. wow….just bumped in to your video..on ……for another reason and saw video with that beautiful gurl..and saw your normal dam killer…i am from california..make my own pizza from my heart from well..but glad to see yours…and learn better..gonna see your…and learn more..original..awesome..bro……

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