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Next Level NYC Movie Theaters | The NYC Urban Guidebook

In the age of Netflix, it takes more than a box of Milk Duds and a fountain soda to convince New Yorkers to leave their homes to catch a flick. Host Annamaria Stewart breaks down our picks for the coolest movie theaters in NYC, giving you four reasons to leave your bed and head to the big screen. These next level cinemas have pulled out all the stops, from sky scraping views to choreographed menus, and seatside filet. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 1. Nitehawk Cinema 2. Metrograph 3. Rooftop Cinema Club 4. iPic Theaters This episode is currently airing on ClearVISION, an innovative in-airport TV network which features the best entertainment, news, music, and sports programming for travelers. This series is part of the Huffington Post Outspeak Network.

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